My girlfriend’s ABC soup

ABC soup or “luo song tang” (罗宋汤) is a simple soup popular among Chinese families, and it’s usually served with a bowl of rice. Some say its name comes from the vitamins it contains: vitamin A from the carrots, vitamin B(6) from the potato and vitamin C from the tomatoes, while others say it came by…

Ham, cheese and kimchi sandwiches/toasties

This is a simple yet effective twist on the time-honoured tradition of the ham, cheese and pickle sandwich. It works for two reasons:

1. Kimchi is basically a spicy pickle anyway, so its not so outlandish if you think about the fact that you are replacing a pickle with a spicy pickle.

2. Kimchi goes with pretty much any savoury dish, as those of you who have tried kimchi burritos and kimchi burgers (or anything else with added kimchi) will know.

Mushroom and onion conchigliette with pesto

I made a meal that put a smile on my face tonight. It’s super simple, and food snobs may scoff, but who needs food snobs anyway, right? This is a meal for the unpretentious working singleton, perhaps. Or a no-frills meal for a no-frills couple. Ingredients: Conchigliette (but any kind of pasta will do) Some chestnut…