I’ve always enjoyed eating and talking about the nice things I’ve eaten so I started a blog to document my gastronomic journey. 🙂

My parents are Korean, so I grew up eating healthy food that had a lot of spicy, explosive flavours. But perhaps as a reaction against my parents’ focus on healthy eating, I got into very bad eating habits at university and put on a lot of weight eating junk food and swigging lots of beer.

Deciding that my waistline and bank balance couldn’t take much more, I decided to go teetotal in November 2016. My long-suffering girlfriend is now helping me eat a more balanced diet but I still get cravings for bad food every now and again.

As I’m super lazy, you’ll probably find more reviews than recipes on here for now, but I hope to get a little healthier and better at cooking in the long run. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts/recipes.

Thanks for stopping by,