Pizza 1889

Pizza 1889 is a tiny little pizzeria next to Surrey Quays shopping centre that serves great pizzas for under a tenner. They are flatter than the pizzas you’d get from the likes of Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca, but they taste even better. Quality toppings and ingredients and genuine Italian pizza chefs (they all speak Italian to each other, which is always a good sign!) result in pizzas that are worth getting out of bed for. I dismissed it as a gimmick when I first saw the place: getting pizza from a shipping container? Jog on, I thought.

But my Italian flatmate strongly recommended it so I decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back since. They’ve managed to fit a pizza oven into an area that’s the size of a London living room so it’s cosy, but the pizzas are ready in minutes so you can just get them to take away if you want to eat them elsewhere. I’m actually getting hungry just thinking about their pizzas again…

Their menu is here if you want to check out their offering. The only snag is that some of their meat toppings are on the salty side, so that might be worth bearing in mind if you are watching your salt intake. Though if you are watching your salt intake, you probably won’t be looking for pizza in the first place…

Here are some pics of the food. Try not to drool!


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