Beer + Burger

A rotating sign marked “BEER” on one side and “BURGER” on the other signals to passersby opposite Willesden Green tube station what Beer + Burger is all about. You would hope that if they specialise in burgers, they would do them well, and fortunately for them, they do. We’ve seen quite a few burger places pop up all over London now, with chains like GBK, Byron, Five Guys and Honest Burger on every street corner. But for me, Beer + Burger delivers a more satisfying experience than its more well-known competitors.

If you are into simplicity, you won’t be disappointed: they really do focus on beer and burgers, which is a good sign. Unfortunately I’m living a dry life at the moment, so I can’t comment on the beer, but the burger was more or less everything you could want from a burger.

I went for the bacon cheeseburger, which came with a generous helping of smoked bacon, which actually was a little unfortunate, as I’m not a big fan of smoked food in general. (I know: not sure why I chose it in the first place!) But at the suggestion of a fellow diner I removed the offending bacon, and the flavour improved almost exponentially.

It actually reminded me of the burgers you get at In-and-Out in California (which remains my perfect burger): with not one but two patties (like In-and-Out’s “Double Double”), cheese, pickles, onions and burger sauce.

Gravy, cheese fries, fries and burger

Bacon cheeseburger


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