Afghan kitchen

One of my friends recommended Afghan Kitchen to me recently, saying the food was delicious. Bolstered by the confidence that comes with payday, I gave it a try. I was also intrigued because the friend who recommended the place (an Italian, no less) is pretty picky when it comes to food, (unlike yours truly). So it’s safe to say I was expecting great things when I arrived with my long-suffering girlfriend in tow.

This is how the shop front looks:

An unassuming facade
An unassuming facade
Afghan Kitchen is a cosy little restaurant that’s about 5-10 minutes’ walk from Angel tube station, serving (you guessed it) Afghan food. I have to admit I didn’t do much research at all before going, and pretty much resorted to Googling dishes after I had ordered them (oops!).

As you can see below, the menu is relatively simple:

The relatively simple menu
The relatively simple menu

I’m not a fan of lamb, so we ordered the chicken dish, the fish stew and the kidney beans, chickpeas and potatoes cooked in yogurt with some rice, bread and carrot juice on the side. I wasn’t sure about the fish stew when we ordered it but it turned out to be our favourite dish in the end. It’s got plenty of flavour and a spicy kick to it. 
Here’s a photo of our food:

Clockwise from top left: yogurty bean dish, yogurty chicken dish, spicy fish stew, rice, bread, carrot juice
Anti-clockwise from top left: yogurty bean dish, yogurty chicken dish, spicy fish stew, rice, bread, carrot juice

I wasn’t actually too convinced by the yogurty chicken and bean dishes. They tasted a little underseasoned and generally underwhelming to me. But it may also be because I like to overseason my food a little. And I hadn’t bargained with the slightly sour flavour that the yogurt would give the chicken and beans. And as you can see from the photo, they also add a slice of lemon too.

The Italian friend who recommended the place to me mentioned (the day after I went! D’oh!) that she had tried the aubergine dish and the daal and loved them, which would probably have been better choices in retrospect. We didn’t finish all the food in the end (which is not normal for us)!

However, the bread (which was enormous!) and the carrot juice were really nice, so all in all, I’d say we still had a good meal. Despite ordering a few dishes, the total came up to around £36, which isn’t too bad for two people having a decent sit-down meal in London.

One thing worth noting is that though they have space upstairs, it’s quite a small restaurant. The waitress who served us looked rushed off her feet. So it may be worth avoiding peak times if you want to make sure you get a seat. 

They also have a cute toilet sign:

Adorable toilet sign featuring cute silver cutouts of a boy and girl
Adorable toilet sign

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