Burger & lobster (Oxford Circus)

M. was feeling blue today so I thought I’d cheer her up by taking her out for dinner. I suggested some of our usual options: Korean food, Wahaca, Japanese food, pho, burgers but she wasn’t having any of it. So I dug deep into my memory (and my wallet) and said, “How about Burger &…


We made jumeok-bap today. Translated literally, it means “fist rice” because the rice balls resemble little balled-up fists of rice. I rang my mum to ask her what ingredients to add, as there are endless possibilities. I remembered finding succulent flakes of salmon and crunchy toasted sesame seeds in the rice balls she made me…

Pizza 1889

Pizza 1889 is a tiny little pizzeria next to Surrey Quays shopping centre that serves great pizzas for under a tenner. They are flatter than the pizzas you’d get from the likes of Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca, but they taste even better. Quality toppings and ingredients and genuine Italian pizza chefs (they all speak…

Beer + Burger

A rotating sign marked “BEER” on one side and “BURGER” on the other signals to passersby opposite Willesden Green tube station what Beer + Burger is all about. You would hope that if they specialise in burgers, they would do them well, and fortunately for them, they do. We’ve seen quite a few burger places…

Jen Cafe

This place was recommended to me by my Mandarin teacher around a decade ago when I was taking Mandarin evening classes at university. My Mandarin never improved as I never did the homework but I’m really glad I found out about this little gem as it’s now become one of my go-to snack destinations when I’m feeling peckish.

Udderlicious (Soho)

We were wandering the streets in the Covent Garden/Soho area when we stumbled across a little gem of an ice cream place just off Seven Dials. Wowed by the cows, we tried it and it was seriously moo-ving stuff. I’d go so far as to say this is the best ice cream I’ve tasted so far…

Afghan kitchen

Afghan Kitchen is a cosy little restaurant that’s about 5-10 minutes’ walk from Angel tube station, serving (you guessed it) Afghan food. I have to admit I didn’t do much research at all before going, and pretty much resorted to Googling dishes after I had ordered them (oops!).

My girlfriend’s ABC soup

ABC soup or “luo song tang” (罗宋汤) is a simple soup popular among Chinese families, and it’s usually served with a bowl of rice. Some say its name comes from the vitamins it contains: vitamin A from the carrots, vitamin B(6) from the potato and vitamin C from the tomatoes, while others say it came by…

Kimbab (or kimbap)

To the casual observer, sushi and kimbab may appear to be very much alike, but I’d just like to make it clear that kimbab is NOT sushi. 🙂 Sushi is Japanese, kimbab is Korean, for starters. Secondly, sushi is typically made with raw fish, unseasoned raw vegetables, sweetened, vinegared rice and accompanied by soy sauce while kimbab usually consists of cooked meat, seasoned or pickled vegetables and unsweetened rice seasoned with sesame oil. This means kimbab is a self-contained meal that’s ready to be enjoyed as is.

Ham, cheese and kimchi sandwiches/toasties

This is a simple yet effective twist on the time-honoured tradition of the ham, cheese and pickle sandwich. It works for two reasons:

1. Kimchi is basically a spicy pickle anyway, so its not so outlandish if you think about the fact that you are replacing a pickle with a spicy pickle.

2. Kimchi goes with pretty much any savoury dish, as those of you who have tried kimchi burritos and kimchi burgers (or anything else with added kimchi) will know.